I've started companies and worked in engineering at several startups.

When I was 15, my technical blog was growing fast, and getting hundreds of thousands of readers around the world. That was the point when recruiters from various companies started reaching out. I loved startups because of the fast-growing culture and ability to make a large impact, so I started by working for a few. Now, I've started my own companies, and continue to work fulltime in engineering too.


Thirdbuy is the top marketplace and API for shopping real products with web3. Blockchain and crypto are enabling digital ownership and communities, allowing buyers and brands to connect more closely. Thirdbuy is the largest platform to bring this to the real world, allowing users to buy real products with crypto and as NFTs. There's over 60K products from 150 shops on the platform.

SchoolSafe simplifies emergency response for schools. Traditionally, schools run fire and lockdown drills, and faculty have to frantically check off attendance sheets. There's often no centralized way of seeing which students are safe, and it's easy to lose track. SchoolSafe simplifies the entire process with unified attendance sheets, messaging systems, and alerts for students. It also allows students to self report whether they're safe or need help. I ended up pausing work on the company because of logistical issues, but may revisit it in the future.

Work(ed) At

I joined Speechify when there were just over 50 employees at the company, building an iOS app and Chrome extension allowing the world to listen to the internet, often through Speechify's premium subscription. I joined as the first engineer on the platform team, leading subscriptions and payments for the company for 6 months. I then headed engineering for Speechify's B2B and enterprise API initiaitives for another 6 months as an Engineering Manager, and finally led engineering for Web Growth & Monetization for the company for a few months before parting ways, now focusing on my own company.

I joined Shardus in mid-2021 when it was a small startup building decentralized tools for the web. The primary Shardus product was a tool to spin up decentralized blockchains that were easily scalable with state sharding, proof of stake, and more. I built out much of the Shardus website, documentation, and more. Eventually, Shardus started their biggest business partnership yet, Shardeum, which most recently raised a ~$18M pre-seed round to build the future of scalable blockchains as a layer 1 on Ethereum.

I started as a guest writer for GeeksforGeeks writing technical articles, and then interned for them for a year as a content writer. I wrote several articles about a variety of topics, mostly focusing on full stack web development.